Sound Impressions

It's a fast paced world and you only get one chance to make a first impression...

To make your Sound Impression, send 2 copies of your CD or DVD to:
43 Meadow Lane, Suite 2
Bridgewater, MA 02324
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There are no guarantees that all submitted CDs or DVDs will be reviewed.

Fatman's Shine Parlor - Blind Pig Records
Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King
The latest CD by Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King is a solid winner! We love that it starts out with a high energy boogie, "Got My Heart Broken." It sets the mood for the other 11 intense, well played and produced tunes on the disc. Did we mention that we are partial to high energy Blues tunes?
Still, if you're hankering for something more sensitive, you can find it here as well - the plaintive "Don't Want To Be Alone" speaks to the heart and soul of the Blues not only lyrically, but with some of the most emotive guitar playing you'll find anywhere - and you'll find more of the same on "One Girl By My Side." Bend those strings baby!
All the songs are original, and there isn't one throwaway in the bunch.
This is the kind of CD you'll enjoy anywhere, but we must suggest listening to it while riding in your car! Just watch the speedometer!
All in all, we are quite pleased and think you will be too. Check it out.
Extra Jimmies - Blind Pig Records
Jimmy Thackery's the deal...we get literally hundreds of CDs to listen to during the course of a year. As you might imagine, we can become a bit jaded as a result.
As our motto states: "You only get one chance to make a first impression."
To put it another way, if a CD is good, but doesn't stand out in some way, i.e., originality, musicianship, emotional content, etc., it seldom gets a complete play through.
Extra Jimmies, is another matter. Jimmy Thackery's incendiary guitar work, the inspired arrangements, and the overall energy level of this CD kept us listening to the very end. It's astonishing how good it is, and his guitar work is amazing. If you're in the market for some tasty, energetic, crazy good blues, check it out!

You Asked For It-Live! - Alligator Records
Rick Estrin and The Nightcats
I'll get right to the point. This is one of the best live recordings I've heard in a very long time! The band is incredibly tight, and the musicianship is through the roof! The songs are unique, not like "the same old Blues," and the arrangements are spot on!
I don't know what else I can say...Rick Estrin, Kid Anderson, Lorenzo Farrell and J. Hansen all display a virtuosity on their respective instruments, and together, the result is amazing!
Kudos, gentlemen!

Latenighters Under A Full Moon -
Roller Records
Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings
Ok folks, let's get this out of the way...this "Blues" CD is all instrumental. It contains no vocals whatsoever.
In addition, it doesn't follow the typical Blues formula of I, IV, V, chord changes and standard marching, shuffle and slow Blues rhythms.
Having said that, it is a totally refreshing and stimulating listening experience because of those very distinctions.
If I had to describe it, the music is Bluesy, jazzy, swinging, atmospheric, latino, and spacey - not all at once of course, but throughout the CD.
With an open mind, you'll find yourself experiencing and enjoying these various sonic and rhythmic excursions. Very tasty indeed. I even hear a bit of Miles Davis in there at times.
So - to sum it up, if you are tired of the "same old Blues," and are seeking something to freshen up your playlist, we'd recommend giving this CD a spin, or two, or more...enjoy.
Emergency Situation - Blind Pig Records
Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers
On my first listen to the latest CD from Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers I was immediately put into a good mood. Good music does that. It has a way of uplifting the spirit. And that's exactly what this CD succeeds in doing.
The first track, "Neighbor, Neighbor," is a swinging and energetic opening to the joyride that is to come.
The second, original track and title cut, "Emergency Situation," is uniquely original; structurally as well as emotionally, it conjures up haunting sax lines and a mesmerizing guitar solo. It is clearly the most compellingly distinctive track on the collection.
Following that, the third tune, "Milk and Water," brings us back to reality with its casual, carefree, easy listening feel - a nice transition.
After that, "Frankenbop" gets us going 90 miles an hour with its high energy balls to the wall driving rhythm.
And on it goes, one tune after another pleasing the ears as well as the soul.
Welcome back, Rod Piazza - and keep em' coming.